Complex Construct Garden Design

If you decided you would let us draw your decorative garden's design only, it will be helpful for you to reconsider all your wishes and expectations. The project is developed while following specific procedures that use state-of-the-art software. Our clients appreciate the CAD compatible software especially in those situations when the changes resulting from dialogues between a client and Complex Construct have to be implemented in the process of finalizing the project. Complex Construct is able to communicate with you using hard copies printed in colour, as well as via e-mail.

A complete garden project includes both, a technical report and a design.

A study sample:

Technical report usually consists of:

  • Basic data description
  • Starting point description
  • Architectural solution of the project implementation
  • Technical solution of the project implementation
  • Maintenance
  • Security measures
  • Work schedule
  • Materials schedule
  • Budget
  • Time schedule

Design usually consists of:

  • Status quo
  • Woody plants survey
  • Situation
  • Record of changes
  • Plan of changes in the process of execution
  • Plan of planting
  • Perspective, views
  • Irrigation system
  • Plan of lighting, inspection report
  • Paving pattern layout
  • Detail.

How to proceed?

1. Define your requirements and expectations..

In the preparation phase we focus on how to define your garden's purpose. Your garden should serve the purpose that initiated your decision to build it. We are providing the following QUESTIONNAIRE to assist you with defining the purpose that will be reflected in the completed project. The more attention you pay to the detail, the easier it will be for us to understand your needs and expectations. You will find the questionnaire HERE.

2. After Complex Construct receives your completed questionnaire, our staff member will invite you to our office for consultation.

3. Upon mutual agreement, our staff member will visit you to view the property.

In the following, you will find the procedure steps that will be taken in case you will entrust our company with developing the design for you.

4. A feasibility study follows. The study comprises a detailed layout of your garden, developed on the computer.
A study sample:

3D visualization of garden

5. After the study has been approved, a complete design is developed. The design is a final form of the garden's layout. It consists of a technical report part (including budget, as well as work and material schedules) and a design part (which depends on a project complexity- including current situation, shape of the terrain, planting layout, technical drawing, perspective, detail, view, paving pattern layout, and plan of the irrigation system).

6. After the design is completed, you will be expected to cover its cost.

Do you need to specify your requirements?

In order to assist in making your intentions more specific, Complex Construct suggests that you fill in a simple questionnaire which will help us get clearer ideas about what your requirements are. You will find the questionnaire HERE.