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  • Complex Construct has expertise, and extensive experience.
  • Complex Construct has been active in the business of providing garden and orchard services in the Slovak Republic since 1996
  • Complex Construct provides comprehensive services and turn-key delivery.
  • Complex Construct has its own design department that will develop a design for a potential customer in a highly professional way and will customize it according to the client's requirements and within the agreed time frame.
  • Complex Construct develops the project in CAD compatible software programs. In this way the project becomes available for use by a professional construction and gardening company.
  • Complex Construct has its own production department capable of building a garden from a design, or according to a client's requirements. All is done in a highly professional manner, and within the agreed time frame.
  • Complex Construct makes sure that the agreed budget and work schedule are kept.
  • Complex Construct delivers the finished garden with an acceptance document, provides a free warranty, and offers a pre-paid post-warranty service.

Well- planned landscaping predetermines future appearance of a garden

3D visualization of garden

Landscaping is part of a decorative garden design. It constitutes the first part of building a garden- in which Complex Construct , according to the previously developed design, will execute that part of landscaping that will correspond (as far as surface and elevation are concerned) to the composition of a future garden. In addition to shaping the terrain, other earth works are done- e.g. excavation of a small pond, surface finish for paths, fence, irrigation system, etc.

Terrain shaping is performed by means of landscaping machines, or manually- if necessary. The soil that is removed after surface shaping can be utilized in later stages. All superfluous or useless material is stored in external dumping grounds.

In process of landscaping we aim for such soil parameters that enable us to plant plants and to seed the lawn, or cover ground with a sod carpet. In the final stage, if needed, an adequate layer of surface soil is trucked in.

In order to reinforce the terrain in a slope, Complex Construct workers cover it with sod, plant seeds of ground cover plants, and apply a specific geotextile. This final phase of landscaping is performed according to the previously drawn and approved garden design.

During the various stages of landscaping, only the best quality materials and the technologies verified by many years of experience are used. In order to achieve the utmost aesthetic and utilitarian effect, selection is made from the wide variety of materials.

The last phases of landscaping are performed with the intention of making it easy for a customer to maintain the garden. In the future (if needed), the customer is encouraged to contact Complex Construct for more demanding maintenance activities.

High quality irrigation system works reliably even after many years

The irrigation system

A garden irrigation system must be based on a professional design that has taken into consideration all characteristics of the terrain- its exposure in regards to cardinal points and prevailing wind directions, as well as the plant locations. A design is drawn by the team of Complex Construct workers who have an extensive experience in this area. Terrain viewing and evaluation, as well as preliminary consultation with the customer who placed the order, are an integral part of the process.

To prevent the irrigation system from malfunctioning, it is necessary to make sure that there is adequate electric power, as well as sufficient supply of water under adequate pressure. In order to install the entire garden irrigation system, it may be necessary to do some excavation work- to break ground for a well, to install a pumping device and to set the necessary conveyance circuit.

Complex Construct uses one of the most modern and most reliable systems in the world. It is manufactured by the U.S. company TORO, with a Green Keeper control unit. Our stock is continuously renewed by new products, improving the entire system.

For watering lawns and beds, a jet sprinkler irrigation system is used. When it is inactive, it is concealed bellow the surface level. For watering plants, a system of drip irrigation (by means of perforated hoses) is used. Both systems are interlinked and regulated by one control unit. The control unit which is connected with regulating components can be located either in exterior or interior settings- depending on the client's requirements.

In order to ensure reliability, Complex Construct lays out the garden irrigation system in such a way that each area of the lawn is covered by several sprinklers at least twice, or three times. This results in a considerable density of sprays. At the same time, attention is paid to the optimal ratio of incurred costs and required reliability.

Garden irrigation is an automatic process with a pre-set schedule. If needed, it can be reset, or a manual control unit can be added. To prevent over-watering during precipitation, a rain sensor is installed that turns off the pre-set irrigation cycle.

The irrigation system is installed according to the approved design by Complex Construct specialists who have extensive experience in this area. Only certified and high quality materials are used to guarantee reliable operation of the garden irrigation system in the future.

The irrigation system can be also installed into the already existing decorative garden – under the lawn that will remain intact. Complex Construct uses working methods that ensure that the furrows needed for the conveyance network and devices are dug out in such a way that the grass growth will remain intact. Furrows are usually about 10- 15 cm wide. In the areas where future excavations will be done, the turfs of grass are removed, put aside, and watered to keep them alive. After the irrigation system is installed and the dug-out places are covered, the soil has to be thoroughly solidified, and original turfs of grass are returned to its surface. Perfect merge is accomplished by filling the joints between turfs with clay or sand.

Upon delivery of the garden irrigation system, the Complex Construct staff will set the watering cycle according to the needs of the decorative garden, as well as the personal wishes and preferences of the owner. The owner will receive instructions and a user's manual with all necessary information, so that he/she (if interested) will be able to reset the system.

The 3-year long warranty period begins on the date of delivery. During the warranty, the owner is entitled to free repair and replacement of devices – all that will meet the warranty conditions. The owner can contact Complex Construct company at any time to ask for advice or assistance- via telephone, fax or e-mail.

The owner of the garden irrigation system has the option of using the paid services of Complex Construct, providing for spring maintenance during which the system is inspected, and its operation is set up for the season. Likewise, the owner has an opportunity to use the paid services of the company providing fall maintenance, during which water is removed from the system and all electrical devices are switched off.

Lawn can be used as early as the day after sodding


Complex Construct develops the lawn either by planting seeds or sodding. The choice depends on specific requirements; time and cost are main deciding factors. The areas without heavy foot traffic can be turned into flowering meadows by planting grass seed. The choice of lawn type depends on its use.

The lawn that is established by sodding is functional immediately. With planted lawns it takes several weeks, even months to achieve the same quality of grass. The cost of sodded lawns is about twice as high as the cost of planted lawns.

Before the lawn is developed, a high quality substructure has to be prepared. It is not just a case of a surface layer, but a layer of soil that is at least 10 to 20 cm deep. Before planting the seeds or sodding (as a final cover layer) we use a high quality, finely sifted soil, enriched by the nutrients needed for the healthy growth of a lawn.

When the lawn is seeded, Complex Construct workers use quality grass seed from reputable suppliers. The kind of seed is chosen that will meet all requirements of the future use of the lawn (e.g. for sport, as a playground, as a meadow). Seed planting is accomplished by means of appropriate machinery; additional sowing is done manually.

For the process of sodding, Complex Construct uses high quality sod from reliable suppliers. When selecting a potential supplier, attention is paid to the distance from the garden's location- so that transportation costs are as low as possible. Sod is planted exactly in the shape as drawn in the design, or possibly modified by its future user. Rolling and edging are included in the process.

In order to obtain the desired effect, the owner is expected to provide regular watering of the planted lawn, since watering is crucial for its initial growth. The best solution is to install the irrigation system in the garden before sodding. Complex Construct takes care of the first mowing, preferably with an owner's grass mower. This is the best way how to pass over all necessary instructions for further correct mowing.

The owner will receive instructions about how to care for the lawn. He/She will be able to perform most of the necessary activities (like watering, mowing, rolling). No other special additional knowledge is required. As far as any other activities are concerned, Complex Construct staff will provide necessary advice, or if an order is placed, the company will provide the requested service (e.g. fertilizing, weeding, and aerating).

Plants for the future garden can be selected right in the Garden Centre


Plants are arranged in the garden in different ways – they can be planted as solitaires, in beds, rock-gardens, pots, hedges, in soft wet lands, and ponds. When arranging the plants, it is important to pay attention to the design of the garden. The developer of the design is familiar with all requirements, visions and expectations of the owner. At the same time, he has enough expertise to implement them.

The project takes into consideration the solution that will meet the owner's demands in the near, as well as more distant future. When arranged in an appropriate way, the plants have an aesthetic effect. They can also serve a specific purpose, for example to create a recreation zone, a section of the garden dedicated to sport, shaded areas, or a barrier that separates the garden from its environment.

There are two ways to create the desired effect. If the owner wants to see the garden in its targeted shape as soon as possible, Complex Construct workers will plant bigger plants that are closer to their maturity. If the owner is more patient, with less resources, or wants to see how the garden is being developed step by step, smaller plants in early stages of their growth will be planted. The designer can see into the future, and he/she will propose such a set of plants which will not have to be replanted or replenished during their growth.

When selecting plants, a Complex Construct designer will follow the owner's visions concerning the future maintenance challenges. Different plants have different needs. With some plants- appropriate quantity of water and nutrients is all that is needed; with others- trimming, regular care, dead-heading, or protection against frost have to be provided.

Included in the project's documentation is a listing of plants, and the layout of planting, in which the future garden's composition can be seen. Three-dimensional views (either static or dynamic) can be provided. They will be designed by specific software computer program. The views will enable you to see into the future, they will also give you some ideas (in a three-dimensional way) about how a family house can be incorporated into the future refined exterior setting.

In order to put the above plans into effect, Complex Construct company purchases the plants from reputable suppliers from Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Holland, Italy and other countries. To be able to overcome the change of habitat, the plants have to be in perfect condition.

In most cases, the plants are sown manually. For planting bigger individual plants we use machinery, like an earth mover, a loader, a backhoe or a crane. After the planting process is completed, it is important to take continuous care of the plants, focusing mainly on a regular water supply. The best solution is provided by an automatic irrigation system with a combined jet sprinkling (intended mainly for flower beds), as well as a drip watering (mainly for bigger shrubs and trees).

With all supplied plants, 6 months warranty is applicable. If the owner takes appropriately good care of the plants, and they will die in spite of that, Complex Construct company will replace them for free within the warranty period at its own expense.

The owner can be in full charge of the maintenance and care of the garden, or he/she can ask for Complex Construct professional services. Part of the company's delivery process is to provide the owner with all necessary instructions and a Decorative Garden Maintenance manual, in which all activities that are essential for the plants' healthy growth are described.

Decorative pool – a part of nature, and a swimming pool in one.

Decorative pool

A decorative pool is built according to Complex Construct's professional design, taking into consideration both- the owner's requirements and ideas, as well as professional experience of the designer. When planning a decorative pool, all specifics of a particular area are taken into consideration, and the latest technologies are used to achieve desired results.

When planning and building a decorative pool, one must have sufficient experience, because he/she is dealing with one of the most demanding phenomena in the field of garden architecture. The decorative pool will only function properly when biological balance is achieved; therefore such materials and procedures have to be used to make it possible. Special attention is paid to the design and building of natural pools, which are intended for swimming, too.

Only proven procedures are used to achieve optimal biological conditions in the pool, to secure the best quality of water and harmonious development of fish and decorative plants. For example, water circulation and its oxidation and purification are provided for by means of forced cycling. Plants filter the water in swampy areas. The presence of a certain amount of fish in the pool will destroy algae- the main enemy of pools.

A brook, a spring, a fountain or a waterfall can exist as a part of the decorative pool setting, or as independent entities. The designer will plan the pool and all its constituents in such a way that they will appropriately fall within the framework of the entire decorative garden. Complexity of the solution will depend on the owner's expectations and resources.

Standard procedure for a decorative pool construction is the following: excavation with a backhoe, dirt removal, covering the pool's bottom and its sides with a geotextile to prevent roots from growing through and damaging the liner, sealing the pool with a high quality, thick hydro insulating liner, installation of the reliable technology (a pump, an impurities collector, plumbing and power lines, and a filtration technology pit), placing rocks and gravel, trimming the pool edges, setting the plants and filling the pool with water.

Separate constructions- like a bridge, deck pier and adjacent buildings- can be a part of a pool setting. They are planned by a designer, but built by a subcontractor.

Upon the decorative pool delivery, Complex Construct staff will set up the parameters of filtering and activation of other circuits (waterfall, spring, etc.), according to the needs of the pool, as well as the owner's personal preferences. The owner will be instructed, and he/she will receive an owner's manual with all necessary information enabling him to reset the system in case he wishes to do so.

The 3-year warranty period begins on the date of delivery. During the warranty, the owner is entitled to free repair and replacement of equipment- all that will meet the warranty conditions.

The owner can contact Complex Construct company at any time to ask for advice, or assistance- via telephone, fax or e-mail.

The pool's owner has the option of using the paid services of Complex Construct providing spring maintenance during which the system is inspected, and its operation is set up for the season. Similarly, the owner has the opportunity to use the paid services of the company providing fall maintenance during which water is removed from the system and all electrical devices are switched off.

Garden constructions constitute an integral part of the entire garden delivery.

Garden constructions

The following features are defined as garden constructions: a reinforced retaining wall, a wall, a fence, a path, a gazebo, a pergola, a bridge, a terrace, an outdoor fire-place, a grill, a children's playground, etc. Predominantly wood, stone, metal and semi-finished materials are used as construction materials. Complex Construct company strictly follows the decorative garden design that reflects the owner's requirements and visions.

Less demanding jobs (walls and paths) are built by the company, for more demanding work (construction work, woodwork) a subcontractor is hired. Complex Construct works with reliable suppliers who have a long-term history of cooperating with Complex Construct.

Complex Construct is fully responsible for all construction work; the owner is the recipient of a turn-key delivery.

Upon delivery the 3-year warranty period begins, during which the owner is entitled to free repair- providing all warranty terms and conditions are met.

If the owner is interested, Complex Construct is willing and able to build additional garden construction, or arrange for their construction by collaborating subcontractors.

Do you need to specify your requirements?

In order to assist in making your intentions more specific, Complex Construct suggests that you fill in a simple questionnaire which will help us get clearer ideas about what your requirements are.You will find the questionnaire HERE.